A visit to the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Jan 2019

We were treated to an impressive exhibition of world culture and beekeeping history with an extra-sensory touch in Ljubljana last week. The pictures below only capture a glimpse of the experience…

Vintage skeps and hives, pictured below. Common materials used for making the skeps were willow, clematis and cow dung. Ancient skep-making techniques are still used today, although the skeps are primarily used for collecting swarms.


Men and dogs even do the job as a beehive, with the dog’s mouth serving as an interesting hive entrance!


Below, a vintage hive-carrying cart, and a beautifully crafted honeycomb dome structure photographed from the elevator above.


Visit the museum’s website: https://semuzej.business.site

Visit Ljubljana: https://www.slovenia.info/en


AGM and Talk by Mary Coffey. 6th Dec 2018

Thanks to all who came to our AGM on Thursday. We’re delighted to welcome our new members who signed up. Our new committee was also elected, and we look forward to planning an active and fun-filled 2019! Huge thanks to Mary Coffey of Teagasc for her very interesting talk on bee diseases and treatment.


Building a tree-hive in the countryside! 

The Beekeepers are at it again, making an attractive trap-hive in the beautiful Carlow countryside! It’s a work in progress, and we’ll post a mini-vid of the action soon. It’ll hopefully be irresistable to a swarm, and the lucky bees can thank Carlow beekeeper Shane Kavanagh for constructing their cosy new pad!
(*don’t try this at home!!)


Heather Honey Lecture, Offaly, Nov 2018

Thanks to Offaly Beekeeping Association for giving us a lovely warm welcome in Tullamore this evening. Dr. Saorla Kavanagh’s lecture offered fascinating insights into her now world- famous Heather Honey research.
… and of course Anne grabbed a photo-op afterwards with Dr. Kavanagh, and FIBKA’s Ken Norton and Michael Gleeson! 😁

Taste of Carlow Food and Craft Fair 2014



A great day all round was had at the Taste of Carlow Food and Craft Fair 2014. Large crowds descended on C.B.A’s stall for the chance to spot a queen bee in action, and a jar of local honey. The word was well and truly spread about Carlow Beekeepers Association; we even had a quick television interview with Irish TV!

News and Views

Grafting for Queen Rearing.
Spotted in the Botanical Garden in Prague, Czech Republic. POZOR VČELY - WARNING BEES - and then a BioHazard symbol!
Spotted by one of our Association members in Czech Republic.
John O's picture
Frame Out of a Nuc Building Up.
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